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Hi, I'm Patrick. This is my personal, non-commercial blog.

I write about stuff I enjoy and things I want to save for later lookup. This includes programming, cooking, cycling, photography, books, music etc.

Also I liked the idea of creating an old-school, human-readable website without consent banners and SEO junk.

Technical information

This website is based on mkdocs-material which is a great framework to build static websites with very little effort. I already used it a lot for technical documentation, then found out it's also capable of running a blog with the built-in blog plugin.

The source code of this website is on GitHub and gets built with a GitHub CI workflow.


This website doesn't use cookies and doesn't embed external resources. It uses mkdocs-material privacy plugin, so I don't get sued for using Google Fonts. 🤣


All content on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.